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Virtual Performance Improvement Manager

What is a Virtual Performance Improvement Manager? We like to describe it as your outsourced performance coach that delivers to you the pulse of your business by providing careful analysis of the daily operations of your agency without the time-consuming, intense efforts by you to obtain and evaluate this information.

With our years of agency ownership and management, we recognize the struggle between time optimization of agency management versus the need to measure each employee’s daily output and performance.

This is where the Performance Improvement Manager comes in!

It provides agency-wide reports on your workflow system which when utilized is deeply effective for enhancing operational efficiencies and through those profits.

With this tool, we can evaluate the operations of your business and create a strategic improvement plan for your agency. We understand that the measure of agency activity not only holds the agency staff accountable for production but it also alleviates the atrophy in agency development.

The Performance Improvement Manager will provide the data to gauge the success of your agency and allow you to implement the changes to optimize your agency performance as a whole.

How it works:

The Virtual Performance Improvement Manager will provide weekly Progress reports from the data in your agency management and VoIP telephone system. The agency’s Progress report can provide detailed information on daily workflow such as activity logs, employee call statistics, suspense backlog, policy count and handling, retention and account rounding activity. We will identify problem areas and suggest solutions for effective transformation.

Additionally, we can provide you with the following:

  • Cross Sell Programs
  • Customer Satisfaction Reviews
  • Retention Reports
  • CSR System Utilization Reviews
  • Book of Business Analysis
  • Cross Sales Talking Points and Scripts
  • Procedure Manual
  • Customer Service and Production Monitoring
  • Incentive Program
  • Employee/Client Telephone Review Reports

Our agency consulting services for Hawksoft, Vertafore FSC Rater, QuickBooks and Insurance Carrier Platforms include new employee training, system utilization reviews and workflow analysis.

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